ACE System

The ACE System provides operations with a scalable cashless gaming solution, continually tailored to suit your growing business needs. Our core applications enable and support seamless operations management across all aspects of our customers' business, including slots and tables. We are able to offer both ticket and card-based cashless technologies, as well an extensive range of complimentary modules, from promotions to security.

Some key benefits of using the ACE System:

  • Operational Savings
    Cut down on manual errors and remove expensive cash-handling from your slots floor.

  • Player Tracking
    Incentivise your customers and attract new players with a range of awards and promotional tools.

  • Real-Time Reporting
    Keep up-to-date with key stats across your casino floor.

  • Live Security
    View a comprehensive and customisable breakdown of all authorisations occuring across your operation.

  • Jackpots & Media Management
    Run multiple mystery jackpots and attract more players with affordable, customisable displays.

ACE products, both hardware and software, allow our customers to enjoy a combination of revenue-boosting player features and cost-saving management tools that can be used to enable far more efficient day-to-day operations. In addition, to compliment any cashless floor, we provide a powerful reporting engine that allows for real-time performance and revenue analysis; and with the aid of our Mobile Manager plug-in, you can get the latest updates anytime, anywhere on your floor.

In an industry where security is of the upmost importance due to high-level transactions and sensitive data, we have ensured the successful integration of the latest technologies in biometric user identication, as well as a range of fail-safe solution to on or off-site backups, ensuring your data is protected to the highest standard.

ACE Modules

Browse through our modules to get a full breakdown of the funciionality behind the ACE system.

Gain full control over your core business with our powerful accounting and cage management tools.
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Transform your floor with our exciting range of cashless options, including ticket and smart-card technology.
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Monitor and manage your tables environment at various levels, whilst maintaining fast-paced games.
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Make use of our huge range of tools to keep track of your members, tailor offers and promotions and reward loyal players.
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Create an exciting buzz in your venue with mystery jackpots and fixed prize promotions anywhere on your floor or across your entire group.
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Promote your jackpots with unlimited custom displays across your casino floor, all managed from just one computer.
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Keep on top of your operational statistics with powerful analytics on revenue, key performance areas and much more.
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With biometric technologies and event tracking, run your operation with complete confidence that your sensitive data is secure and protected.
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Choose from a range of robust and cost-effective server solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.
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Make use of our highly functional Asian Rolling and Junkets Management system, designed to work seamlessly within any ACE environment.
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Third-Party Products

We have integrated with a range of first-class quality products that compliment the ACE System.

A leading global provider of interactive skill games and virtual sports products to the gaming and hospitality industries.
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